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1. Computer
The computer has a special software installed that allows the total control of the display and of the signal tracer.
This software allows to memorise until 1.500 different frequencies of tuning divided per single notes and octaves with a margin of precision of 0,001 %.

The tuning is personalised to each accordion and the type of reed, the thickness of the leather and to the specification demanded by each client. The computer reveals automatically notes and octaves and controls the air pressure of each single reed in base of its dimension.

In order to speed up working process and for easier handling, the computer is supplied with a sonorous/vocal system transmitting automatically instant information of any possible difference between revealed frequency and the frequency to be obtained.

2. Screen
The screen indicates numerical data information related to the revealed frequency, the programmed frequency, the note, the octave and the air pressure permitting the operator a total visual control of the voice being tuned.

3. Sound Detector
The Sound Detector is universal and can be used for any kind and dimensions of the reeds, totally isolated of any other kind of noise or sound except the tuned reed.

This system is UNIQUE in THE WORLD and a registered trademark by our company, guarantees the highest quality of precision in tuning and in particularly by working the reed tongue in its natural process, it will maintain the elasticity of the steel avoiding future unpleasant breaks of the reeds.

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